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Work Informed®, Inc. was founded in 2003 to provide a better way manage operations, information, and activities with resources to enable an organization to work more intelligently and with all the information needed to successfully accomplish goals. Our goal was to create web-based resources that would revolutionize the management of operations and costs, yielding a higher level of accountability, accomplishment, and good decisions. The focus is to create an environment for higher quality organizational information and accuracy that would foster communication and enable information collaboration, interchange, and training whether staff was co-located or in geographically distant locations.

With this emphasis, Work Informed®, Inc. created Insight that was first released in 2004 to support companies and governmental agencies that need to solve the complexity of managing a mobile, dynamic, and global workforce and ensure that high priority and mission critical activities are accomplished on time and within budget.

In 2009 Work Informed®, Inc. released Ceboa® which is tailored for the independent business professional, sole practitioner, and very small office. In 2011, Work Informed®, Inc. released an extension to Ceboa® to provide more effective on-line marketing, advertising, and sales promotion of the business, products, and services, and, to build relations with customers. These sales and marketing resources are provided in Ceboa® and through the independently branded product Adjyle™.

Work Informed®, Inc. created and wholly owns all of it's intellectual property. Ceboa® and Adjyle™ are divisions of Work Informed®, Inc. and individually branded.

1. Insight - a suite of web-based business applications designed to simplify the management of a mobile, dynamic, and global work force, and, to enhance communication and collaboration in and between teams working in a complex business environment. Insight solves the problems inherent in mobility and globalization with respect to managing, communicating and accomplishing work. Insight provides activity based costing to account for all costs that go into accomplishing individual activities, processes, events, and projects. Insight is cost effective, user friendly, and increases efficiency and productivity. Insight does 3 things extraordinarily well, Insight:
  1. Simplifies the management of a mobile and dynamic work force in a complex, global, and fast changing business environment ensuring that mission critical and high priority activities are accomplished.
  2. Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness with tools to easily manage and monitor activities and projects, manage risk, and control costs.
  3. Provides the communication, collaboration, and shared information resources needed to be successful at work.
2. Ceboa® - is tailored for the needs of small offices, sole practitioners, and independent professionals. It simplifies the management of business expenses, invoices, and client accounts, reduces operating costs, and improves the recovery of billable expenses, and provides the flexibility of managing a small business anytime from anywhere. Ceboa enables a business owner to create shared business information, including an easier way to manage web content and to create newsletters, marketing material, and eBooks. Ceboa provides the freedom to be truly mobile and still have access to the client, business, and operational information that is needed when it's needed. Ceboa provides web-based private and secure access to critical business information. Ceboa connects a small business to it's customers with the suite of on-line advertising, sales, promotion, and marketing tools also available in Adjyle™, as well as the business listing and coupon community marketplace.
3. Adjyle™ - a suite of on-line advertising, sales, promotion, and marketing tools that are a low cost way for small business owners to bring in new customers and sales, and, to build relations with customers. Adjyle's Community Marketplace business and coupon listing site provides an additional sales and marketing channel for business owners. Adjyle reduces the cost of marketing collateral and distribution, including web site content, and simplifies web site management and updates. Adjyle's optional sales lead management facility simplifies managing sales leads, keeping track of next step actions, and managing what needs to be done to move the sale forward and close the deal.

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