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Insight, from Work Informed®, Inc., is a suite of web-based business tools focused on work activity management and activity based costing. Insight's value to you is in increasing your productivity, efficiency, and information accuracy while reducing overall costs and increasing budgetary transparency. Insight increases the effectiveness of managing a dynamic and mobile workforce in a complex business environment. Insight gives managers snapshot and detailed resources to view workforce activities to ensure that high priority and mission critical actions are accomplished on time and within budget. Insight gives executives, managers, staff, and contractors the tools to work smarter, faster, and at a higher level of productivity and quality. Insight enhances communication and collaboration between individuals and teams.

Insight does three things extraordinarily well, Insight:
  1. Simplifies the management of a mobile and dynamic work force in a complex and fast changing business environment ensuring that mission critical and high priority activities are accomplished.
  2. Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness with tools to easily manage and monitor activities and projects, manage risk, and control costs.
  3. Provides the resources needed to be successful at work with communication, collaboration, and shared information resources.

Insight solves many of the goals within the four mandates of the CFO. Insight helps:
  1. Maximize Shareholder Value - Insight boosts productivity and reduces your operating costs for activity based management and cost accounting.
  2. Risk Management - Insight ensures that mission critical goals and high priority activities are identified, assigned, monitored, and accomplished by providing managers the resources needed to actively monitor and respond to risks and conflicts.
  3. Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance - Insight provides summary and detailed information about work activities, accomplishments, and activity based costing that supports financial, security, and safety documentation and regulatory reporting.
  4. Strategic Financial Support - Insight supports financial forecasting and planning, and, it supports the goal of driving ROI to the activity and project level.

Insight solves many of the problems in human resource management:

Insight boosts operational excellence, productivity, and overall quality:

With Insight you will gain operational and financial benefits:

Insight is cost effective, easy to adopt and use, and has a high ROI. Insight increases the productivity, quality, and effectiveness of the entire organization while reducing work activity based operational costs. Insight has no IT costs and does not require any software or application to be installed on PC, tablet, smart phones, or any other web enabled smart device. Insight provides secure anytime and any where access to the information that managers and staff need to be successful to accomplish tasks and operational goals.

Insight Solves Your Business Problems

Insight is the business resource that ensures your mission critical and high priority business goals are accomplished. Insight easily adapts to your business operations and environment. It is a low cost, low risk, business solution that produces a high return on investment. No matter where Insight is implemented in your organization, Insight will reduce your operating costs and enhance productivity and overall quality.


Insight Business Area Solutions

Insight provides numerous opportunities for organizational improvement. With each improvement, you will see operational costs reduced and a corresponding increase in profitability, productivity, and quality.


Insight Productivity and Return on Your Investment

Insight is the next step in the evolution of business productivity. Until Insight, business had pretty much extended productivity gains as much as was possible using existing techniques and older technology.

Insight opens a new area that boosts productivity and results with a higher level of operational effectiveness and profitability. Insight inherently makes your business operate at a higher level of efficiency, accountability, and transparency which is the basis for the new level of productivity.

Insight increases your productivity because Insight increases the quality of completed work and in doing so increases the value to the consumers of that work output.

Insight does 4 key things that boost productivity:
  1. Insight adapts to your business processes and inherently makes those processes more accurate and effective which yields process outputs that have higher value.
  2. Insight reduces the cost of business process management.
  3. Insight gives your managers more effective management tools that reduces the cost of managing staff and resources, and, increases management accountability, effectiveness, and results.
  4. Insight gives your staff and contractors the work related information required to successfully complete activities, and, more efficiently and effectively collaborate, communicate, and share work related information.

For detailed information about Insight's productivity model please review Insight Productivity and Your Return on Investment.

What is Insight Productivity?
The common definition of productivity is ratio of process outputs per process inputs. Insight defines productivity as the quality and usability of the output from the work activity per work activity inputs.
Insight's Productivity Unique Differentiation
Quality as a result of the process output is a key function of Insight and the core element in the Productivity Model. Quality is inherently the value and usability of the process result, and, characterizes whether the process result meets the reasonable needs and expectations of the process customer.

Insight's Productivity Model Summary
Where "r" is required and "d" is delivered. And time is due date/time and/or start date/time.
Opportunity Value is key to productivity. The outcome of the process must have value to the process customer, that is, it's content must meet the reasonable needs and expectations, and be available when needed. "Achieved Opportunities" are those resultant activities that are made possible, or are at least made easier, because the work activity result was completed with the required level of quality. "Lost Opportunities" are consequences of process failures, such as a missed deadline, incomplete content, errors, and miscommunication of the process deliverable requirements.

Where Insight Boosts Your Productivity
Insight boosts productivity because it positively affects key areas in the productivity model which reduce costs, and, increase efficiency and quality.
Work Activity Result Quality - Insight improves work activity communication, information sharing, and collaboration thereby making it more efficient to deliver the required activity result, increasing the result quality, reducing error rates, and ensuring a timely delivery.
Deliverable Information - Insight ensures that all the information necessary to accomplish the activity is available, consistent, and current.
Management Costs - Insight reduces the cost of assigning and monitoring work activities, and, reduces the cost of activity based costing, budgeting, and planning.
Resource Costs - Insight ensures that all resources needed for a given work activity are identified, assigned when appropriate, and that the necessary information is available and shared.
Time and Budget Planning - Insight gives you historical data from past similar activities to show you what it took to accomplish the desired result.
Staff Skill Assignment - The quality of prior similar activities indicate, among other factors, the skills required to accomplish the task with the available deliverable input.
Communication of Needs and Goals - The usability of the delivered result is based on accurate and complete information from the customer about their needs, goals, and timeliness.
Risk Management - The consequences of process failures, such as a missed deadline, incomplete content, errors, and miscommunication of the process deliverable requirements yield lost opportunities which in business usually mean lost revenue or higher operating costs.

Insight's Return on Your Investment
Insight's Productivity Model shows you how Insight will increase your productivity. Overall productivity is clearly a summation of productivity of all the individual work activities. Insights benefit is increased productivity based on increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased Productivity = Increased Efficiency + Increased Effectiveness = Lower Operating Costs = Increased Net Profit

This increase in productivity is far greater than the cost of using Insight. Your ROI continues to improve as more staff members use Insight to manage their activities. Increasing staff usage further improves your ROI because your Insight cost per user declines as more seats are added.

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