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Insight, from Work Informed®, Inc., and your Tablet gives you true business mobility.

Access the full power of Insight with your 7" or 10" tablet.
"I founded Work Informed, Inc. because I wanted to be truly mobile and have the ability to manage my business and business content anytime and anywhere using any web connected device. Insight, from Work Informed, Inc., using Smart Phones and Tablets, gives me real business flexibility.

Smart phones are great resources, and, using Insight on a smart phone you are able to access the information you need when you need it. Smart Phones are a good resources for getting information but not a good resource for entering large amounts of complex business information.

The benefit of Insight on a tablet is that you have a mobile device that enables you to get the full power of Insight, can easily enter business information, and not have to lug around a laptop to stay connected with your team and business."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

Key benefit of Insight when using a tablet is that you maintain control of your business and information where ever you are:
  • Manage a Mobile and Dynamic Workforce
  • Stay Connected Any Time from Any Where
  • Know Who's Doing What and Why
  • Monitor and Manage the Sales Pipeline
  • Manage you Own Commitments and High Priority Tasks

With Insight you Keep Control and Manage Risk
  • Monitor Mission Critical Items
  • Monitor High Risk and Priority Items
  • Assess Options and Tradeoffs
  • Know What's Happening Now
Insight's web-based Gizmo's give you quicker access to key business information. Insight Gizmo's are web links that are easily added to Tablet bookmarks. With these you can:
  • Get departmental and group dashboard information.
  • Manage staff and teams.
  • Manage work assignments and commitments.
  • Enter travel and per diem expenses.
  • Manage sales leads and get sales reports.
  • Access an integrated calendar.
  • Get address book contact information, directions, and maps.
  • Display business information.
  • Email shared business information to your business contacts.
  • Access sales and marketing material.
  • Display images and photo albums in an image viewer.
  • Access your business articles, plans, guides, and specifications.
  • Access eBook business presentations - such as this presentation.

Achieve results with Insight from Work Informed®, Inc.

Insight is a cost effective and easy to adopt and use business resource to more effectively manage operations, activities, processes, and information. Insight connects people to information and facilitates information interchange, communication, and collaboration.

Insight simplifies your best practices and quality processes, and, through Insight, you will achieve results.
We have the software and services that will get you results. Insight gives manager's the assurance that will alleviate concerns about accountability and accomplishment; and, gives staff the resources they need to be successful. We do this by:
  • Understanding what you are trying to accomplish and then devising an approach that gets you to your goals.
  • Working with your business managers and staff to address your operational areas of interest.
  • Providing Insight, a cost effective and easy to use business resource that will increase your net profitability and reduce your operational costs.
  • Providing on-going business area and technical support as your needs arise.
  • Continuously improving our product features to meet the needs of our customers.
Your "Winning Solution"
Helping You Achieve Operational Excellence

Your "Winning Solution" provides you access to an excellent product with an affordable subscription service that fits your budget. This subscription service reduces your overall costs and eliminates technology management and IT resource costs. The Insight subscription service includes the customer benefits described previously and the following:

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