Article: Insight Enhances Managing Security, Safety, and Inspection
Insight Enhances Managing Security,
Safety, and Inspection
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How do you document and verify your security and safety measures? Are they appropriately and efficiently scheduled, monitored, and reliable? Can you tell where your costs are going in maintaining a secure and safe environment?

Insight's work activity management and work flow resources provide you a comprehensive and easy to use safety and security tool that will ensure that these activities are: scheduled, monitored, documented, and verified. With Insight you can easily manage your security and safety activities, gain the benefit of a repository of inspection and maintenance records, report on past, current, and future activities, and, understand the costs associated with these activities. Insight establishes a security and safety resource management system that:

Security and safety processes include managing activities, inspections, and preventative maintenance either based on a reported incident or based on some schedule. Insight's flexible and information rich work activity and work flow process model provides you the information needed to ensure that these activities and processes are well defined, completed, documented, and verified. The general activity information includes:

Clear Communication of the Assignment and Expectations
Insight gives you the tools your staff, work groups, and contractors need to clearly communicate the security and safety procedure and activity, requirements, goals, and responsibilities; and importantly, to document and verify those activities.

Flexible Scheduling and Notification
Security and safety activities, inspections, and preventative maintenance actions can be automatically scheduled using Insight's flexible scheduling capabilities.

Detailed Cost Understanding
Insight provides cost analysis tools that directly support your budget planning and cost management objectives. You can identify costs for your organization as a whole, job sites, work areas within a site, projects, work categories, work activity types, individuals, supplies used, equipment needed, and rental equipment.

Customizing Security and Safety Activities for Your Industry
Insight provides flexible utilities that allow you to customize the activities to meet your unique security and safety needs and requirements.

With Insight you will gain increased productivity and organizational efficiencies in performing, verifying, reporting, and managing your security, safety, and preventative maintenance programs.

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