Article: Insight ROI - Opportunities for Improvement Checklist
Insight's Return on Your Investment
Opportunities for Improvement Checklist
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Insight is a a low cost low risk business solution that produces a high return on investment. No matter where Insight is implemented in your organization, Insight will reduce your operating costs and enhance productivity and overall quality.

Insight provides numerous opportunities for organizational improvement. With each improvement, you will see operational costs reduced and a corresponding increase in profitability, productivity, and quality.

What areas are you trying to improve in your organization? See the checklist below for examples of areas that can be improved in any organization.

Insight is easy to adopt and use, and is a low cost and low risk solution that will enhance your organization's effectiveness.
Sample Opportunities for Organizational Improvement

1. Staff Management
__ Tracking the status of mission critical goals and high priorities.
__ Managing commitments.
__ Setting staff priorities, goals, and responsibilities.
__ Communicating staff assignments and changes.
__ Tracking the status of staff activities.
__ Monitoring assignment status for mobile and offsite staff and contractors.
__ Identifying activity risks.
__ Automatic scheduling of assignments.
__ Managing complex schedules.
__ Managing schedules in a dynamic and changing environment.
__ Reassigning activities when staff is unavailable.
__ Communication and collaboration among groups and teams.
__ Communicating and sharing resources across geographic regions and time zones.
__ Ensuring that activity based information is current and accurate.
__ Accessing work activity information while away from the office.
__ Accessing work activity information without being tied to a specific device.
__ Managing staff in a matrix environment.

2. Activity Based Cost Management
__ Tracking activity based costing.
__ Estimating the cost of activities, events, and projects.
__ Planning and budgeting staff and activity based resources, such as materials.

3. Sales Management
__ Managing sales leads and opportunities.
__ Tracking the sales pipeline and priorities.
__ Tracking the cost of customer acquisition.

4. Managing Human Resource Information
__ Documenting roles, duties, responsibilities, and goals.
__ Identifying staff accomplishments for periodic reviews, raises, bonuses, and promotions.
__ Identifying staff issues for disciplinary actions.
__ Documenting staff issues.

5. Organization Management
__ Establishing a methodology for work activity management.
__ Managing goals and priorities.
__ Improving operational transparency.
__ Budgeting and planning.
__ Managing contractors and suppliers.
__ Improving quality control processes.
__ Improving security and safety programs.
__ Improving training programs.

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