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Insight's Return on Your Investment
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Insight Reduces Operating Costs and Boosts Productivity and Quality.

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Insight is a low cost low risk business solution that produces a high return on investment. No matter where Insight is implemented in your organization, Insight will reduce your operating costs and enhance productivity and overall quality.

Insight's ROI comes from several sources, you will benefit from:
  • An overall increase in productivity and output quality.
  • More accurate financial planning and budgeting for activities, events, and projects.
  • Lower costs to manage staff, contractors, and suppliers.
  • More accurate activity based costing.
  • Increased effectiveness in human resource management especially for reviews, raises, bonuses, and promotions.
  • Reduced activity based operational risks.
  • Reduced IT and training costs.

With Insight, you can drive your ROI goals down to the work activity and individual staff member level.

Insight's Return on Your Investment
Insight will increase your productivity because Insight makes your formal and informal business processes more efficient and effective. Insight defines productivity as the quality and usability of the output from the work activity. Insight's unique productivity differentiation is in placing quality and usability as the central value of process output.

Because quality is a core characteristic of the process product. Quality is inherently it's usability which leads to the resultant opportunities that come from using the process product. A high quality product - one that meets all of the process requirements - has a potential to yield maximum usability and result in maximum opportunities, that is, the "Opportunity Value".

Opportunity Value is key to productivity. The outcome of the process must have value to the process customer, that is, it's content must meet the reasonable needs and expectations, and be available when needed. "Achieved Opportunities" are those resultant activities that are made possible, or are at least made easier, because the work activity result was completed with the required level of quality. "Lost Opportunities" are consequences of process failures, such as a missed deadline, incomplete content, errors, and miscommunication of the process deliverable requirements.
This model defines productivity for a given "Work Activity", such as creating a product information sheet. Total productivity is the sum of individual work activity productivity. Insights benefit is increased productivity based on increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased Productivity = Increased Efficiency + Increased Effectiveness = Lower Operating Costs = Increased Net Profit

Insight ROI Sources

ROI from Job Cost and Resource Information
How do you know the information you are using to create your work related budgets, staffing plans, and inventory plans are based on accurate information? Insight's job cost and resource reporting tools provide the information you need to create more accurate budgets, staff loading plans, and material inventories. Insight's job cost management facilities enable you to identify projected and actual costs down to the individual work activity category. This gives you a simple cost analysis and modeling resource; and, a comparator with actual job costs identified with completed work and project assignments. You have the opportunity to identify costs for your organization as a whole, your projects, your job sites, work areas within a site, work categories, work activity types, individuals, supplies used, equipment needed, rental equipment, transportation, travel time, and per diem. You can manage and monitor work activity and project costs for your organization, your partners, and your direct contributor suppliers, such as contract staffing and manufacturing companies.

ROI from Work Activities and Projects
How do you know your organization's productivity level is as good as it can be? Insight is a fundamentally better way to manage work activities, projects, and job sites. With Insight, your work groups have an easy to use tool that enhances communication, work assignment understanding, job requirements, and goals. Insight fosters inter and intra group communication. Information accuracy and availability are enhanced with a single source for work related information. Insight ensures that information is available anytime and anywhere to those that need it, while ensuring secure access and data view protection.

How do you know that your contractors and suppliers will provide the material you need when you need it? Insight gives you the tools you need to ensure that your organization staff, your partners, and your contract staffing and contract manufacturing companies, are performing their respective work activities when you need them and at your level of information you require to meet your objectives.

ROI from Cash Flow
Are you getting all you can with your cash flow? Insight helps you manage cash flow in two ways. First, with Insight's ease of use, you have a flexible and productive resource for management and monitoring of work activities. With this, you can more accurately predict what your resource requirements will be based on past, current, and projected data maintained by Insight.

Second, our "Winning Solution" saves you the front loading expense of software acquisition and support. Our cost effective subscription service provides you the latest product features and enhancements, on site training, and support. Further, our "Winning Solution" frees your IT department from the need to manage software, hardware, and upgrade installation. You no longer have the need for multi-year support agreements.

At Work Informed, we believe that it is our job to help you better manage your operations, work activities, job costs, and information content. We not only want to provide you a solid and reliable tool to accomplish your operational and management goals but provide our staff resources that will give you additional support when you need it.

With Insight you will reduce work activity and management related operating costs and increase profitability. Let Work Informed, Inc. show you how to increase your productivity today.
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