Article: Insight-15-Ways-To-Reduce-The-Cost-Of-Government

Insight - 15 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Government
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Insight Brings Accountability and Transparency to Government
"Insight, from Work Informed®, Inc., reduces the cost of government. Insight brings accountability and transparency to government agencies and activities. Insight identifies exactly how much it costs to provide government services. Insight ensures that mission critical government activities are accomplished."
- Ron Franke, CEO

With tax revenue impacted and increasing tax rates difficult, it is essential that governmental agencies increase efficiency in operations and application of service activities. The only way that local, state, and federal agencies can effectively manage the task of efficiently providing services at reduced costs is through the use of technology. Insight is the technology solution that enables individuals and agencies to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.
15 Ways Insight Reduces the Cost of Government and the Cost of Providing Services to the Public

Insight does this by reducing the cost of:
  1. Managing and scheduling work activities, such as public works, parks, streets and other infrastructures.
  2. Activity based accounting.
  3. Monitoring mission critical activities.
  4. Work expense reporting.
  5. Asset management, maintenance scheduling, and cost accounting.
  6. Operational reporting.
  7. Departmental budgeting.
  8. Web content management for internal and external web sites.
  9. Work content information and documentation.
  10. Creating and managing training guides, specifications, and material.
  11. Sharing and managing information.
  12. Creating and publishing public information, such as meeting agendas, minutes, notes, schedules, and other public shared content.
  13. Printing and copying documents and material.
  14. Human resources department material, training, and support.
  15. Information technology and computer support.
Insight will reduce the cost of government activities and services. Insight is cost effective, easy to adopt and use, and designed to benefit all aspects of your organization.

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