Article: Insight-15-Ways-To-Increase-Revenue-For-Government
Insight - 15 Ways to Increase Revenue for Government
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Insight Brings Your Costs Down and Revenue Up
"Insight, from Work Informed®, Inc., provides the opportunity to bring additional revenue to government, and, the opportunity to recover lost revenue. Insight makes government more effective in providing public services. Because Insight identifies exactly how much it costs to provide government services, it provides an accurate, effective, and easy to adopt and use method to recover actual fees and related costs."
- Ron Franke, CEO

Insight ensures that all the revenue due for fees and services is acquired. Insight enables individuals and agencies to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

Providing public services is a core benefit of governmental agencies. With tax revenue impacted and increasing tax rates difficult, it is essential that the fees for services accurately reflect the cost of providing those services. Insight provides the tools that will accurately record the cost of services.
15 Ways Insight Increases Revenue Opportunities for Government Services

Governmental agencies will increase revenue in the followings ways using Insight:
  1. Account for the actual cost for fee-based services ensuring that governmental agencies recover the costs for those services.
  2. Manage revenue sources to ensure that fees owed are paid.
  3. Recover all costs for damage and repair to public properties.
  4. Recover all costs for emergency, safety, and protection services.
  5. Recover costs for violations requiring some form of remediation.
  6. Recover the costs of inspections and especially repeated inspections for recurring violations.
  7. Account for the cost of renting public spaces, clean-up, and site management.
  8. Account for all costs associated with safety and security support for public events.
  9. Account for all costs related to fee-based recreational activities.
  10. Account for costs for fee-based after school and preschool programs.
  11. Account for costs of fee-based extracurricular activities related to educational programs.
  12. Account for all costs in maintaining sporting venues for leagues and tournaments.
  13. Account for cost for permits and processing.
  14. Account for costs for background investigations.
  15. Account for costs for transportation services.

Insight will increase government revenue opportunities. Insight is cost effective, easy to adopt and use, and designed to benefit all aspects of your organization.

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