Article: Insight and Sarbanes-Oxley Information Reporting Tools
Insight Enhances Your Sarbanes-Oxley Information Reporting Tools
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The Passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) by Congress in January 2002, created significant new responsibilities for public companies and their Audit Committees, CEOs, CFOs and auditors. The demands imposed by SOX not only require certification of financial reports but better execution of business operations. Insight is a web-based application that dramatically improves the visibility of and accountability for the business results expected of project teams. It is affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use. Insight will improve your business execution, and will, augment and enhance your internal control and reporting systems in place to satisfy SOX. Insight supports SOX reporting requirements in which companies must:

1. Document their Internal Control System Using a Recognized Framework
Insight provides a result-driven work activity management framework that aligns individuals? actions to deliver believable, predictable business results. In addition to Insight's work activity management and work flow resources give you the ability to: define project scope and requirements, identify critical success factors, manage project schedules, define and manage project risks, aid in budgetary planning, and manage project costs and resources. Insight's work activity reporting tools include detailed and summary views of activities and costs.

2. Ensure that Controls are Executed on an Ongoing Basis
With Insight's existing work activity management resources you have a tool that is easy to implement and integrate into your management processes. Easy to use and understand work activity reporting facilities give you an overall understanding of the state of your work activities and projects. With Insight you have a simple and convenient resource to communicate work, process, and project information, status, and direction, to ensure that your management controls are in place and being used.

3. Ensure Timely Completion of the Required Management Evaluation of the Controls
Insight provides summary snapshots to quickly understand the status, risks, and deliverables of your work activities. These snapshots are designed to provide what individuals, such as an executive, project manager, line manager, and individual contributor, need to know to be successful, in terms of deliverable outcomes, requirements, schedules, risks, commitments, and resources. Thus, with Insight you have the tools you need to evaluate your work activities, processes, and projects, and, evaluate the effectiveness of your management processes.

4. Report on Exceptions
Insight's summary snapshots and reports are focused on deliverable requirements and highlighting status, completion confidence, and trends. Information communication and collaboration features give your team members, partners and supplier companies the tools they need to report the status of their area of responsibility and the ability to complete their assignment.

5. In the event of Control Failure, Perform a Remediation Processes to Ensure that the Company once again has a Comprehensive and Effective Set of Controls
Insight's risk management tools give you an opportunity to understand issues as they arise and then act to mitigate areas of concern.

Insight's management and work activity job cost accounting resources augment internal control mechanisms you've put in place to meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Acquiring Insight is a decision that realizes two benefits for you:
  1. Insight helps satisfy the internal control demands of Sarbanes-Oxley with an easy to use, flexible, and affordable work activity management resource.
  2. You can achieve better business execution for your work activity, process, and projct related business objectives.

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